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In Memory of Danny Cruz

Unfortunately, Kevin Kinkead revealed that Danny will be leaving on loan to FK Bodø/Glimt in Norway. I say unfortunately because Danny Cruz is my favorite player on the Union. I enjoy the sheer beautiful bundle of reckless chaos that is Danny Cruz. You never know what you will get from him: from tripping over the ball, to blowing up someone on the other team, to drawing a hard foul, to scoring the occasional goalazo. Watching D-Cruz play is always entertaining.

More importantly, Danny brought a real skill set to this team that Andrew Wenger and Sebastian Le Toux lack. He hugs the touchline, works his ass off, and runs at defenders. Danny is, also, one of the few players that will try a shot from distance. He is less prone to the back passing that has become far too common with this team.

Plus, Danny plays with an intensity that only Seba and Vincent Nogueira can match. When Danny Cruz is in the game, you know he will drive the ball down the field and try to make something happen. He will be a pest to opposing defenders. After watching the Colorado game, that is a skill and mindset this team needs.

My love for Danny aside, this causes a few issues for the Union attack. As I mentioned yesterday, depth out wide may be a real issue for the Union this year. Right now, this leaves our available wide players as Sebastian Le Toux, Andrew Wenger, Jimmy McLaughlin, and Eric Ayuk Mbi. Zach Pfeffer has previously played out wide on the U-20 team. D-Cruz was one of only two true wingers this team has, as both Wenger and Le Toux are converted forwards who still have forward tendencies. Width could soon become a problem for a Union attack that depends on wide play.

That said, I think Jimmy McLaughlin is the answer, and I will explain why later. Until then, I will honor the finest moment of my favorite player, the wonderful Danny Cruz Missile brace against Seattle: