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Well, that was painful

I needed a bit of time before I could write about the Open Cup. Part of it was due to being busy at work while the other part was recuperating from the game. By now, everyone has pretty much said everything that needs to be said. I’ll give some quick thoughts.

I still really hate Seattle

The Sounders’ sportsmanship was really lacking on Tuesday night. Several players spent several minutes on the floor faking injuries in order to waste time. I believe only one player actually had to come out of the game as a result of his injury. It was amazing seeing Yedlin rolling around on the ground one minute and sprinting up the field the next.  Shame on you Sounders.

I really don’t like Clint Dempsey. When he wasn’t throwing a tantrum on the ground like a petulant child, Clint was busy throwing elbows and shoving players. Sure, I like enforcers who aren’t afraid to get dirty. However, Clint can’t foul someone one minute and then get enraged that the ref doesn’t call contact against him the next minute. Stars of this league act as though the ref should cater to everything they do.

How about any of you? Does anyone feel more of a rivalry against Seattle after this match?


I was really surprised and disappointed that Okugo did not play. He would be one of the first names down on my starting XI. We really missed his physicality and intelligence on the field. He really could have helped lock down the center of the pitch.

The Subs

For the most part, the subs really disappointed me. In particular, Fred came on far to late to really make an impact on the game.  Pedro proved he just isn’t a strike. He really went head to head with Marshall, but it just isn’t natural for him. However, depth is the biggest problem. We don’t have players like Obafemi Martins and Marco Pappa coming off the bench. Part of this is due to Hackworth building a shallow team. Part of this falls on Curtin.

Since Jim took over, he has relied on the same small core of guys. We have seen very little squad rotation under his tenure. Players like Wheeler, Pfeffer, and McLaughlin have not been able to get minutes under Curtin. I don’t expect them to be stars or instant problem solvers, but they would have helped. However, if they had played under Curtin, they could have been options off the bench.

I’d rather Wheeler have replaced Casey so that we had a real striker up top rather than someone learning the position. Ribeiro would have been able to come on in midfield in place of Fred. Pfeffer or McLaughlin could have taken Cruz’s spot.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. Few of us would have made this claim Tuesday morning. Regardless, adding depth to this team and then actually playing this depth need to be steps going forward.

We need a striker

We all know Casey doesn’t have it in him to play a full 90. Who else is behind him? Ribeiro? He’s not a striker and never will be. Brown? He is still really raw. Wheeler? He seems to be in Curtin’s doghouse. Hoppenot? Thank God he is in Curtin’s doghouse.

We have a serious need for a striker. Casey is a role-player at this point in his career. While a DP striker is the obvious solution, I would also like to bring along an academy guy like Darius Madison. Now is the time to integrate a youngster into this team.

What do you think?

How do you feel about Seattle after this game? Should Okugo have played? Did you agree with the subs? What direction do we go for striker?


I hate Seattle

Tomorrow, we face Seattle in the Open Cup for potentially our first ever silverware. When we think about rivals, New York and D.C. come to mind. After those two, some proclaim Kansas City or Houston as rivals. Personally, I have hated Seattle since 2010. To me, they are right behind New York and D.C.

From the fans in the stands to the flannel-clad hipsters on the street who think Kurt Cobain is the biggest name since John Lennon, I am simply not a fan of Seattle. The city is a place where the Space Needle, rain, burnt coffee, and angsty lyrics are seen as “rich culture.” With the big game tomorrow, it seems like the perfect time to breakdown why I hate Seattle:

  1. I hate Seattle’s “holier than thou” attitude: I get it. Soccer and MLS did not exist before Seattle entered the league. The original teams just sat on their asses and twiddled their thumbs until Seattle eventually got their expansion team
  2. I hate 2010: In our expansion year, all anyone could talk about is how we measured up to Seattle. Fantastic. Nothing we did mattered because we weren’t Seattle. On top of that, they crushed us in our first ever game.
  3. I hate the Dempsey Rule: Deuce began the trend of big name players skipping the allocation order. Richer clubs suddenly have an advantage over the rest of us. Even worse, who can skip the allocation order is a mystery. It’s a big step towards MLS catering to their big teams. Seattle is the major actor that got this rule on in the books.
  4. I hate this idea that Seattle fans are the best: Sure, the Sounders and Seahawks have great fans. How about the Mariners? Out of 30 MLB teams, the Mariners rank 23rd in average attendance this year. How about the Sonics everyone misses? In their final year, their average attendance was 13,355. Hell, the Seahawks almost moved in the 90’s because their attendance was among the worst in the league. Apparently, Seattle loves their teams but only if they are winning.
  5. I hate that Sounders fans still claim Sebastian Le Toux: He may have started his American career in Seattle, but he made his career in Philly. Seba has become one of the best players in the league here, not Seattle. He is not a Seattle guy, and he hasn’t been since 2009.
  6. I hate Seattle coffee: Seriously, fuck Starbucks. Burnt, bitter beans are not coffee. Sure they make the beans lighter and cheaper to transport, but I don’t drink coffee for the taste of ash and charcoal. Starbucks ruins the wonderful taste of a smooth cup of coffee.

On a more serious note, the over-saturation of Starbucks drives local independent businesses out of business and weakens competition on the market. Starbucks is the Walmart of coffee. Thanks Seattle.

Now, Seattle isn’t all bad. What do I love about the Sounders?

  1. I love that PPL Park opened against Seattle: In our very first game at our home, we beat Seattle 3-1. When we think back to this stadium in the future, we will always remember Pat Noonan choking on a penalty kick to win us the game. Seriously, he got stone-walled by Chris Fucking Seitz.
  2. I love Sebastian Le Toux: Thanks again for giving us one of the best players in MLS for absolutely nothing. Throughout our turbulent five years, Seba has been a rock for this team that has dragged us forward. Nothing will make me happier than seeing Seba score the game winning goal tomorrow.

Thanks for Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle, but that doesn’t change anything. We’ll see you tomorrow.