Manager Candidates: Jim Curtin

Whether you like it or not, Jim Curtin is a very real candidate for the position. As the interim, Jim has the opportunity to demonstrate to Sak why he deserves the job. No other manager has that opportunity. So what does Jim have to offer?

Jim Curtin

Best known for: Playing with Chicago and Chivas USA; Coaching with the Union


2010-2012: Philadelphia Union Academy (U18 Head Coach)

2012-2014: Philadelphia Union (Assistant Coach)

2014-present: Philadelphia Union (Interim Manager)



  • Curtin knows this team better than any other candidate.
  • Having played in MLS, he understands the eccentricities of the league better than a foreign manager.
  • Curtin’s U18 side won the 2012 Generation Adidas Cup.
  • He’s a Philly guy. He knows how the fans think and what we want.
  • The team has improved so far under him.


  • Hack is a cautionary tale of just promoting an assistant.
  • Curtin does not have any managing experience.
  • He is a Nowak-Hackworth guy. How different is he really from these guys?

Has Jim Curtin earned the job? Is it necessary to hire someone from outside the organization to get rid of the Nowak tree?


2 thoughts on “Manager Candidates: Jim Curtin”

  1. I think they need a fresh start and a break from the Nowak tree. Time to hire someone from the US with a different view. It would have been nice to have our new coach on board before tomorrow’s “major announcement.”

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